Wisco Golf Addict Sunfish Review

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Sunfish Headcovers

By far the easiest way to add personality to your golf game is by upgrading your headcovers, and Sunfish has created a lineup of great options that will fit anyone’s style or budget.

I had the opportunity to try out some of their traditional knit headcovers and really liked their classic styling and high-quality materials.


Sunfish offers one of the most diverse selection of headcovers I have seen, ranging from traditional knit to current styles. This is one of the few brands that also has some very plain, classic looks, too, if that’s your style. Browsing through the rows of options you will get a sense on their website for just how diverse of a selection Sunfish features. For example:

image 1
Different Style Examples


image 2
Tartan Style Barrel Covers
image 3
Leather Headcover Examples


Knit Headcovers

I have a set of the 80’s knit sock design headcovers currently adorning my equipment. The classic styling works well with my bag colors, and I like having a more simple look. The 100 New Zealand wool feels absolutely amazing, too, and you can tell these are high-quality headcovers just by picking them up and getting a sense for their heft and tight stitching.

These are nothing like the headcovers you might find in Uncle Joe’s garage on his set of old persimmon woods!

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I tried these headcovers on a variety of clubs, including the largest CC drivers and oversized fairway woods I could find and had no issues at all with fit. There is enough stretch to comfortably accommodate any sized club, in my opinion.

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80’s Knit Sock Design Set



Sunfish offers the ability to fully customize headcovers, yardage books, ball markers and more with text and images, and they have a very simple design interface on their website that allows you to view your creations in real time.

I tried out a couple of design mockups and really liked the ease at which I could use the software. This is a great option for someone looking to customize a single headcover or a small set for an outing.

Custom Design Example
image 4
Full List of Custom Options

Treat Your Clubs

I have really enjoyed upgrading my headcovers in the past several years. I think it adds a little bit of character and something to chat about with your playing partners, and especially for the quality and price Sunfish’s offerings make for a great gift whether for yourself or a fellow golf enthusiast.

Like what you see?

GolfLink features Sunfish!

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Personalized Headcovers

For the very particular headcover request, you can even find companies that will produce your own personal headcover based on your design. Companies like Sunfish have a great design tool on their website to help you make your design as unique as you’d like. Want a headcover that looks just like your dog? You got it.


As previously mentioned, Sunfish has a great option if you’re looking to design your own headcover. They also have stock covers for drivers, putters, fairway woods, and hybrids that include patriotic designs, Harry Caray, and even a John Daly collection.

Golficity: Sunfish Golf is Taking the Headcover Game to a New Level

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Over the years, the golf bag, and what’s in it, have become essential to how we all personalize the game. It is the focus of every off-season; how can we as players evolve our bag?

We have seen a number of Tour players really deck out their bags for a round of golf. Many avid golfers live by the saying, “look good, play good,” which we all know by now is intended to mean, in order to play good, you must look good doing it.

From the best clubs in the game to all the best looking head covers, you can count on I.T.L to own some of the best looking things.

If you didn’t know already, we at “Inside The Leather” make it our motto to live by the “look good, play good” mentality.

We Recently discovered SunFish Golf, a headcover company that originally started in a garage. We caught up with Alonzo Guess, owner of the company, and he shared an amazing story with us.

“Shortly after the ’08 recession showed how fragile the concept of job security is, my friend David and I decided we wanted to start our own business, and take charge of our future. It was our dream to work for ourselves and this was the perfect opportunity. The company started making wool hats and beanies in a garage, and after a conversation with a PGA Instructor, we started making golf head-covers…. Sunfish was born. 10 years later Sunfish has over 40 employees and we sell quality custom head-covers and a variety of other golf accessories for a great price.”

Alonzo went on to tell me that Sunfish really lives to better their customer service in addition to maintaining quality. 3 years ago Alonzo, David, and their team ran into an issue where they weren’t able to deliver customization that a customer wanted, and long story short, Alonzo and the team made it their mission to develop a new customization technique of permanently adding full color high resolution images and even photographs on their products. The new technique is called Photo-flux.


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A post shared by Sunfish Golf (@sunfishgolf) on Mar 11, 2020 at 1:46pm PDT

Sunfish today is now making headcovers of every size, alignment stick covers & valuable pouches, in over 25 different colors and can almost customize anything you want on it.

Recently, SunFish held a customization contest to show the wide variety of what they can really do. The winner of the contest came up with a Pimento Cheese inspired cover. To SunFish, it was no big deal to make! Truly a company that makes anything.

Screen Shot 2020 04 14 at 3.54.04 PM

Hey if you don’t believe me, see what the host of Inside The Leather, Ronnie From NJ thinks of it:

For more exclusive giveaways, be sure to subscribe to the SunFish newsletter. And for 10% of your next purchase, use our link here.

Golf Channel’s Morning Drive features Sunfish!

morningdrive sunfish2020

Here’s the Morning Drive crew reviewing our headcovers live at the PGA Show last week! We can customize our headcovers and accessories beyond your wildest dreams. Embroidery, laser engraving, and proprietary Photoflux high-res printing can be used to make the most customized golf accessories you could imagine. www.sunfishsales.com

Talking with Alonzo Guess of Sunfish…and a look at the insane headcover they made for GolfWRX

Featured golfwrx sunfish headcover

We last talked with Alonzo Guess of Sunfish in November of 2017 after the Nashville-based company launched a custom headcover and accessory builder on its website.

The company has been producing custom headcovers, yardage books, and other accessories since 2013 when it entered the market with its signature wool headcovers.

We wanted to see what was up, and Guess was kind enough not only to answer a few questions, but to design a pretty incredible GolfWRX driver cover using some raw assets we sent over.

DSC 0361

BA: What’s new at Sunfish since we last talked? 

AG: 2018 was a great year for innovation at Sunfish. We worked hard to develop new design and construction techniques, and it has been really exciting combining these new creative elements into one of a kind headcovers and accessories. 2018 was our eighth year in business, but it was probably the most significant in terms of innovation. We’re excited to see where we can go from here!

BA: Looking at your websites, I know one of the new things you developed is something you call Photoflux. What exactly is Photoflux?

AG: Photoflux is our proprietary high-resolution printing process, that gives us the ability to apply to our products anything from photos to complex patterns to intricate logos. The level of resolution and detail is truly unmatched, and can’t be achieved with embroidery. We apply it to our leather and Duraleather products, even our hand-made copper ball markers and divot tools! Those are really exciting, because we can make custom copper ball markers with full color logos, on demand

BA: How the heck did you come up Photoflux?

AG: A customer ordered a scorecard holder with his family photo to be embroidered on each side. We made the piece and weren’t happy at all with the result. The embroidery process couldn’t do justice to the photographs. It was clear that there were certain limitations to embroidery, and we were motivated to overcome them. After months of trial and error, long hours and strenuous testing against sun, rain, and wear, we developed the current process.

golfwrx sunfish headcover 2

BA: What are ways the Photoflux process can be used?

AG: Photoflux is perfect for applying photos, but can also be used for intricate logos or family crests. Really any graphic element can be expressed accurately using Photoflux, including shading. Recently we’ve had fun developing custom patterns such as tiger fur and using them as stripes on headcovers. The sky’s the limit!

Photoflux is best in concert with other design techniques, such as embroidery, laser engraving, and precision cutting and sewing. The featured piece (shown in this feature) incorporates Photoflux, precision cutting and sewing, laser engraving and embroidery. The result is as much artwork as it is a functional golf accessory.

BA: What are the limitations of the technology…what products can you apply Photoflux to?

AG: It’s great for leather and Duraleather headcovers, putter covers, scorecard and yardage book holders, alignment stick covers, cash covers, valuables pouches, wine bags, barrel style tartan headcovers…and even copper ball markers and divot tools!

DSC 0371

BA: Tell me about this headcover you made for GolfWRX. I suggested the use of a graffiti wall, a GolfWRX logo, and skeleton hand holding up one finger to denote one club/driver, and you really went to town!

AG: So for the headcover you have, we used Photoflux to apply the graffiti wall image to the top of the cover (did you notice the ‘GolfWRX’ spraypaint in there? We threw that in there for you as an Easter egg!). On top of that, we embroidered the skeleton hand. For the stripe, we laser cut the outline of a typical urban skyline, and laser engraved the chain-link fence pattern over the top, than sewed that down. The bottom portion is a Photoflux image of GolfWRX that you sent over.

With so many new ways to decorate and manipulate the materials, we’re really excited about combining it all for our fans and customers to create really unique products. We feel the sky is the limit, and we hope this headcover illustrates that.

The Hackers Paradise: Sunfish Photoflux Covers

Photoflux Sunfish

Sunfish Photoflux Covers

written by Josh Babbitt August 30, 2018

Custom is coming and golfers want it. From clubs to apparel and everything in between, making things “your own” is something that is sought after in every facet of the game. Headcovers, putter covers and more have been at the forefront of this for years, but full color printing vs embroidery or stitching was lacking at best.

Enter Photoflux, a new custom option from the folks at Sunfish that takes a photo, image or logo and directly prints it on leather products such as headcovers. Similar to the custom grips we have given away from Super Stroke on the THP Forum the image is perfect every time.

Untitled 7 2

Eager to test the service, we sent two images to Sunfish for trial. The first image being the THP Logo and the second our mascot, THP Man, the ultimate internet golfer.  After a quick turnaround of less than a week, a new headcover arrived at the office that was both high quality and one of a kind, since we had not seen a technique like this done in the past to this scale. The printing looks natural and while these have been done with embroidery in the past, the photo transfer is incredibly different.

Is it better? Not sure. As a fan of stitching and the look it creates, the best way to describe this new method is different. What this does however, is open the doors for people to have intricate logos and photographs that could not be stitched previously, done in a way that creates a personal design.

Untitled 8 2

One of the biggest questions that came out on the THP Forum community after initial pictures was durability. It makes sense considering any custom options come with a higher price tag and these are no different being over $100. The only way to test is time, and right now it shows no signs of wear after a month of use in the Florida sun. We will continue to update the forum thread periodically if wear patterns change.

Untitled 7 1

If you are looking for custom options, Sunfish has a lot of flexibility and their quality is top notch. Our previous review of their goods back in 2015 talked about their attention to detail and willingness to go to high levels to please customers. That has not changed, and they have many different designs, options and price points to do so. Photoflux adds to that portfolio in a way that brings a different level of customization to the golfer.

Are you a custom fan? What would you like to see on a headcover?

Golf News Net: Look at this pretty sweet, custom driver headcover I got from Sunfish

2018 08 12 11.15.22 1

If you’ve followed me over the years, you know I’m a double alum of the University of Maryland. Loved the place so much I stayed for 5 years. And for the better part of a decade, I’ve had a Maryland Terrapin mascot driver headcover. It’s a conversation starter, but it’s more been a symbol of pride.

However, at this point in my life, I’m a dad more than anything. I have two great kids, and my life pretty much revolves around them and my wife, as well building Golf News Net. So, I was due for a headcover change, and that’s why Sunfish Sales reaching out was a case of perfect timing.

Back in the day, I worked with Sunfish when what’s now the Unpro store was Pargoods, which was designed to be a dropshipping store promoting up-and-coming smaller golf brands. I loved what Sunfish was doing in the headcover space, and, even though Pargoods is no more (maybe it should come back), I’ve watched their growth from afar.

And now they’re offering a new spin on headcovers, which they’re calling Photoflux. This is an emerging technology which gives Sunfish the ability to print photos and graphics directly onto a high-quality leather headcover or their leather yardage books or their leather putter covers.

On their website, you pick a style, and then you go through the design process using their interactive builder, picking colors and stripes and other options, as you would do ordering a standard Sunfish product. Then, you can choose Photoflux, which adds $45 to the cost of the headcover, taking it from $55 or $60 to $100 or $105. You supply the image you want to use, and, of course, the higher the quality, the better the result. It can be a photo, like I picked, or it can be a graphic.

After checking out, you’ll get your headcover in up to 4 weeks. Every headcover is handmade from spec, and the guys at Sunfish make sure your order is done right.

I got mine in much less time than 4 weeks, and the headcover is great. It’s lightweight, and it’s not bulky. The lining helps slip the cover on the driver easily, and the design tightens at the bottom of the driver head to make sure the cover stays on through the round.

Now when I play golf, I’ll have a new conversation starter, and I can always look at one of my favorite photos of my kids together.

Catching up with Sunfish and taking a test drive of the new custom builder

Catching up with Sunfish

See the Full Article Here!

sunfish custom headcover

The GolfWRX member’s appetite for custom, quality goods is never satisfied and the holidays are drawing near. With this in mind, it seems like a good time to catch up with custom golf-product manufacturer Sunfish.

The Nashville-based company has been producing custom headcovers, yardage books, and other accessories since 2013 when it entered the market with unique wool headcovers.

Founders Alonzo Guess and David Riggs have made a bold foray into leather since and expanded their range of wares.

“We don’t have a mission statement,” Guess told us in a 2015 interview. “But the closest thing to it would be providing tremendous options, excellent quality and excellent pricing.”

To see how Sunfish is continuing to do that, we spoke with Alonzo Guess.

GolfWRX: Last year, we talked about your expanded product range and increase in custom offerings, I’m assuming both trends are continuing at Sunfish?

AG: Constantly expanding our product range and custom options are not trends at Sunfish, rather they are part of the DNA of our company philosophy. It is crucial that we constantly improve, innovate and invent. We ask ourselves, “What do our customers want?” and then draw heavily on input and feedback from our customers as we develop new products and designs. It’s a lot of fun collaborating, and it allows us to quickly produce new designs at great prices.

Speaking of trends, we talked last year about the increasing popularity of custom accessories. Have you seen that continue as well? Any new varieties of request you’re getting a lot of?

Our custom business has exploded, largely due to our new custom visual product builders.  A great example of innovation, these builders allow you to create your own fully customized products, and see them live in real time before you buy! We regularly get feedback about how fun and easy it is to use.  We now offer four custom visual builders: leather headcovers, knit headcovers, scorecard + yardage book holders, and putter covers. Something we’re seeing a lot of is personalization with laser engraving and embroidery. We do everything from initials to caricatures of people. The sky is the limit!  Check it out here.


Cool. What else is new?

We’re thrilled to have just launched a brand new line of tartan headcovers, featuring traditional patterns of Scottish, Irish, and Welsh descent. Knowing how important customization is for folks, we offer the option of laser engraving custom images or text on these tartans! Even with the custom laser engraving, we can ship them at once. Our machine washable tartan headcovers are made by hand, and lined with thick fleece to keep your clubs safe and sound! The best part of all is the value. We realized the demand for unmatched quality, but at a great price. Our tartan headcovers start at just $34.99, plus free domestic and affordable global shipping as with all our products!

We also now offer custom laser-engraved gift boxes! Perfect for the holidays and beyond, for just $11.99, we’ll laser engrave your custom message on a gift box.


A couple of Sunfish’s customization options. Embroidered and laser engraved, respectively.

With the holidays right around the corner, why don’t you tell us about some of your best-selling items?

Our custom headcovers and scorecard holders are top performers, as well as our limited-edition items. This includes everything from a range of patriotic accessories to humorous pieces such as pop culture caricatures and our Golf Bear line. Most items ship at once, including the custom gift boxes. In planning for the holidays, the best thing to do is plan ahead, and check out all we offer at www.sunfishsales.com.  We would encourage folks to also sign-up for our email list to receive coupon codes, special deals, and to be the first to hear about our new products.


A look into the process

I got a firsthand look at the customization process, working through the online editor. Here’s a screenshot of my digital headcover design.


Screenshot 131

And here’s a look at the final product, with my John Hancock as the final touch.


DSCN9962 e1511289334901What do you think of the design?