Golficity: Sunfish Golf is Taking the Headcover Game to a New Level

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Over the years, the golf bag, and what’s in it, have become essential to how we all personalize the game. It is the focus of every off-season; how can we as players evolve our bag?

We have seen a number of Tour players really deck out their bags for a round of golf. Many avid golfers live by the saying, “look good, play good,” which we all know by now is intended to mean, in order to play good, you must look good doing it.

From the best clubs in the game to all the best looking head covers, you can count on I.T.L to own some of the best looking things.

If you didn’t know already, we at “Inside The Leather” make it our motto to live by the “look good, play good” mentality.

We Recently discovered SunFish Golf, a headcover company that originally started in a garage. We caught up with Alonzo Guess, owner of the company, and he shared an amazing story with us.

“Shortly after the ’08 recession showed how fragile the concept of job security is, my friend David and I decided we wanted to start our own business, and take charge of our future. It was our dream to work for ourselves and this was the perfect opportunity. The company started making wool hats and beanies in a garage, and after a conversation with a PGA Instructor, we started making golf head-covers…. Sunfish was born. 10 years later Sunfish has over 40 employees and we sell quality custom head-covers and a variety of other golf accessories for a great price.”

Alonzo went on to tell me that Sunfish really lives to better their customer service in addition to maintaining quality. 3 years ago Alonzo, David, and their team ran into an issue where they weren’t able to deliver customization that a customer wanted, and long story short, Alonzo and the team made it their mission to develop a new customization technique of permanently adding full color high resolution images and even photographs on their products. The new technique is called Photo-flux.


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Sunfish today is now making headcovers of every size, alignment stick covers & valuable pouches, in over 25 different colors and can almost customize anything you want on it.

Recently, SunFish held a customization contest to show the wide variety of what they can really do. The winner of the contest came up with a Pimento Cheese inspired cover. To SunFish, it was no big deal to make! Truly a company that makes anything.

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Hey if you don’t believe me, see what the host of Inside The Leather, Ronnie From NJ thinks of it:

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