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Wisco Golf Addict Sunfish Review

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Sunfish Headcovers

By far the easiest way to add personality to your golf game is by upgrading your headcovers, and Sunfish has created a lineup of great options that will fit anyone’s style or budget.

I had the opportunity to try out some of their traditional knit headcovers and really liked their classic styling and high-quality materials.


Sunfish offers one of the most diverse selection of headcovers I have seen, ranging from traditional knit to current styles. This is one of the few brands that also has some very plain, classic looks, too, if that’s your style. Browsing through the rows of options you will get a sense on their website for just how diverse of a selection Sunfish features. For example:

image 1
Different Style Examples


image 2
Tartan Style Barrel Covers
image 3
Leather Headcover Examples


Knit Headcovers

I have a set of the 80’s knit sock design headcovers currently adorning my equipment. The classic styling works well with my bag colors, and I like having a more simple look. The 100 New Zealand wool feels absolutely amazing, too, and you can tell these are high-quality headcovers just by picking them up and getting a sense for their heft and tight stitching.

These are nothing like the headcovers you might find in Uncle Joe’s garage on his set of old persimmon woods!

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I tried these headcovers on a variety of clubs, including the largest CC drivers and oversized fairway woods I could find and had no issues at all with fit. There is enough stretch to comfortably accommodate any sized club, in my opinion.

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80’s Knit Sock Design Set



Sunfish offers the ability to fully customize headcovers, yardage books, ball markers and more with text and images, and they have a very simple design interface on their website that allows you to view your creations in real time.

I tried out a couple of design mockups and really liked the ease at which I could use the software. This is a great option for someone looking to customize a single headcover or a small set for an outing.

Custom Design Example
image 4
Full List of Custom Options

Treat Your Clubs

I have really enjoyed upgrading my headcovers in the past several years. I think it adds a little bit of character and something to chat about with your playing partners, and especially for the quality and price Sunfish’s offerings make for a great gift whether for yourself or a fellow golf enthusiast.

Like what you see?

GolfLink features Sunfish!

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Personalized Headcovers

For the very particular headcover request, you can even find companies that will produce your own personal headcover based on your design. Companies like Sunfish have a great design tool on their website to help you make your design as unique as you’d like. Want a headcover that looks just like your dog? You got it.


As previously mentioned, Sunfish has a great option if you’re looking to design your own headcover. They also have stock covers for drivers, putters, fairway woods, and hybrids that include patriotic designs, Harry Caray, and even a John Daly collection.