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In an increasingly crowded head cover market, Sunfish is trying to set themselves apart not only with unique designs, but also exceptional quality, numerous custom options, and affordable pricing. Friends and co-owners David Riggs and Alonzo Guess combined experience in fashion, marketing, product development and graphic design to launch Sunfish and have recently added new products to an already impressive lineup.


Guess says that his company’s versatility is one of its greatest assets “when it comes to customizing our products for our customers, whether it’s one person or an account ordering several hundred items for a golf tournament.” Two of the sample items Sunfish supplied to THP show their capability in this regard, with a custom logo embroidered on both a leather and knit wool head cover. Building on that, Guess states that, “our prices are much better than others in the industry.” A quick review of the company’s website shows they do indeed offer a very attractive price for custom work, with custom wool head covers starting around $30 and leather ones around $45.


Recently adding leather products to their lineup drastically increased the amount of options available to consumers. Leather driver covers (non-custom) start at $40 and are made of 100% handmade leather in seven different colors. In addition, hybrid, fairway wood, and putter covers are also available in leather for a slightly lower cost. A variety of brands were covered using both a driver and hybrid cover from the leather line and they fit well, looked great, and didn’t take up much room in the golf bag.


In January 2015, Sunfish added “a line of hand-stitched leather scorecard/yardage book holders, available in a range of styles, and with custom embroidery available.” THP took a look at the Alligator Maroon version (one of eight options available) and it seems to be a well designed, sturdy option for (again) a very low price point of $39.99. The scorecard holder was vibrant in color, had a robust backing material inside for support, and enough elastic bands that one could arrange it in just about any way imaginable. Guess notes that, “We seem to be the only ones offering this product with embroidery.”


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Not to be ignored are the numerous wool options Sunfish offers. Standard sock-style headcovers are available in dozens of color combinations, as are animal designs. These covers are all made of New Zealand wool, are all 100% hand knit, and start at around $30 each. The animal designs were quirky and fun to have in the bag, and the choice of either pom or tassle tops is available via custom order on the sock versions. One thing that was highly appreciated with the knit offerings was the thin bottom portion that easily went down into the golf bag, thereby protecting fragile graphite shaft finishes.


Guess and Riggs are highly invested in making their customers happy and appear to have attracted a decent size following already. They are active in various social media channels and seem to be introducing new designs daily, often with customer input.

“We would not be here if it weren’t for our customers, and we learn from them every day. Customer feedback is a critical part of the development of our products and service.  We welcome comments, questions, concerns, and even new product ideas.  Reach out to us and let us know what’s on your mind!”

More information on Sunfish headcovers and accessories can be found on the company’s website,